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Cheetah Digital Improved Their Global New Hire Experience

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C A S E S T U D Y Cheetah Digital Improves Their Global New Hire Experience In early 2018 Cheetah Digital underwent a massive transformation: merging five separate regional businesses into one cohesive organization. This transformation came with the need to create a cohesive HR strategy, a critical piece being the onboarding of new hires. "We had to reinvent the wheel each time a new hire joined", says HR Coordinator, Kelsey Baker. Each region operated as a silo, so Hiring Managers weren't learning from each other's experiences or optimizing their new hires' experience. Furthermore, miscommunication and a lack of accountability meant that not all Hiring Managers knew how to onboard new team members, resulting in long processes and a lot of back and forth to get new hires to complete their tasks and sign the right documents. With Greenhouse Onboarding, Cheetah Digital's Global HR team optimized the process by automating manual tasks and creating a cohesive onboarding experience which means that Kelsey's team can focus on strategy and culture-building, making sure new hires feel welcomed and ramped in no time. S I Z E 1,400 employees I N D U S T R Y S a a S . A leading provider of marketing software H E A D Q U A R T E R S Chicago, Illinois "This has been the smoothest, fastest, most efficient onboarding process of my career, and after bragging to friends, I think it's safe to say this has also been better than any of their onboarding processes!" —Joelle McCalla, Program Manager

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