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Delivering the Consumer Experience Candidates Expect

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Delivering the Consumer Experience Candidates Expect C A S E S T U D Y T H E C H A L L E N G E As a global leader in analyzing consumer insights, J.D. Power is acutely aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and how that translates to candidate experience in the hiring process. Struggling with a low-tech system that required paper records caused candidates to slip through the cracks and prolong their time to hire, frustrating everyone involved. J.D. Power was looking for a recruiting solution that would reflect the consumer experience they are so well known for rewarding. Learn more about why J.D. Power partnered with Greenhouse to elevate its candidate experience, speed up processes, and improve reporting capabilities to ultimately make better hiring decisions. • Lightweight , unreliable system left interviewers lost and unable to deliver engaging interviews • Frustrating candidate experience left prospects unsure where they stood in the hiring process, resulting in poor Glassdoor reviews • Manual processes often resulted in faulty data , exacerbated by the legacy ATS' need for requisitions and offers to be filed on paper • Third-party owned and operated career pages, cost precious resources to make simple adjustments O U R S O L U T I O N • Recruiters orchestrate the entire hiring experience, ensuring interviews are not duplicative and questions are challenging and relevant to the role • Structured interview pipelines set expectations, so the team can clearly communicate next steps to candidates • Easy to use cloud-based platform as the single source of truth • Beautifully branded, custom career pages owned and managed within the Greenhouse platform S I Z E H E A D Q U A R T E R S I N D U S T R Y 800 employees Costa Mesa , CA with 11+ international offices Globally recognized as the customer experience benchmarking authority "We want to provide best-in-class service to J.D. Power candidates and make sure they receive immediate feedback after interviewing with us. We want to be able to help the candidate understand why their qualifications are good–or not good enough–so they can understand how they'll succeed in that next interview." M E L I S S A G R A J E D A Global Talent Acquisition

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