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In anticipation of BrightRoll's aggressive growth, they were in the market for a talent acquisition platform that would amplify their recruiting strateg y and support their objectives. BrightRoll was careful to not choose a traditional system that focused solely on posting jobs, collecting resumes, and storing resume data in a centralized repository; they needed a platform which would focus on finding the very best candidates in a competitive market through workflow, collaboration, analytics, and social integration. T H E N E E D F O R A M O D E R N AT S With Greenhouse, the hiring process at BrightRoll became scalable and cross- team collaboration has never been easier. • Candidate Scorecards allowed BrightRoll to quickly identify top talent by figuring out what to look for in a given job • Clean, accurate reporting provided actionable insights to the recruiting workflow, uncovering roadblocks and improvement areas • Customizable interview plans tailored to every position ensured that the hiring process was as agile as BrightRoll itself T H E S E A R C H F O R A M O D E R N A P P L I C A N T T R A C K I N G S Y S T E M C A S E S T U D Y B r i g h t R o l l w a s i n t h e m a r k e t f o r a m o r e a g i l e a n d r o b u s t AT S , i n a n t i c i p a t i o n o f m a s s i v e g r o w t h a h e a d . C H A L L E N G E increase in hires per month 43% less time to hire 29% O U T C O M E "Using Greenhouse, we saw amplified results with the same number of resources and in a shorter amount of time. Specifically, we saw a 43% increase in hires per month following our Greenhouse roll out , and it took 29% less time to hire." E R I N W I L S O N , Head of Talent Engineering at BrightRoll I N D U S T R Y : Technolog y S I Z E : 360 F O U N D E D I N : 2006

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