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SiteCompli, a real estate and compliance business, caters to a relatively specific and niche market , which can make hiring a challenge. Margaret Dwyer– Manager of People Operations– runs SiteCompli's entire talent operations as a team of one. With limited resources, SiteCompli needed a solution to streamline and optimize their recruiting game. T E A M O F O N E , S U P P O R T E D B Y M A N Y SiteCompli has built a culture where everyone is committed to hiring. With Greenhouse, it's easy to get alignment from hiring managers, keep everyone in the loop, and collect feedback all in one place. • Automated alerts and communications help keep track of what needs to happen next and quickly cover potential bottlenecks • Interview Plans allow the team to conduct more structured interviews and provide relevant feedback • Candidate Scorecards focus on the right questions and relevant attributes to assess candidates quickly and objectively H I R I N G T H E B E S T T A L E N T I N A N I C H E M A R K E T C A S E S T U D Y SiteCompli's super lean Talent team had a major challenge with hiring top quality and specialized candidates in a limited market . C H A L L E N G E doubled in size 2x increase in referrals O U T C O M E "Greenhouse simplified a lot of the time-consuming admin tasks, as well as helped to expose outstanding tasks, helping to streamline workflow. This leaves more time for sourcing, interviewing, and building a great employer brand for SiteCompli." M A R G A R E T D W Y E R , Manager of People Ops at SiteCompli I N D U S T R Y : Real Estate S I Z E : 50 F O U N D E D I N : 2008

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