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A P P LY I N G E M P L O Y E E L I F E T I M E V A L U E T O A R T I C U L AT E T H E R O I O F P E O P L E P R A C T I C E S 2 Articulating the return on investment (ROI) of People Practices is extremely challenging. Unlike other departments in the organization, the output of the People Team isn't as directly tied to business outcomes and has few measurable outputs. Because of this, it's difficult to demonstrate the absolute value of making investments in your talent or People Practices. However, even small improvements in hiring, onboarding, and managing talent can result in significant ROI for the business—and this is something you can articulate to executives when getting buy-in for the resources & tools you need. How? With a new concept—using Employee Lifetime Value (ELT V) to compare the relative return of People Practices. The following Proposal Template can be used to take the concept of ELT V and apply it to real-world situations by framing People initiatives in terms of ROI and ELT V. There is also supporting data that you can use in the Appendix to further support your case. Introduction

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